Last year I tried to launch a personal site and blog. As it turns out, I didn’t keep up with it as I had hoped. I think this is partially due to the fact that I wasn’t completely happy with the way I had set it up.

I was running a static website I designed by hand and compiled with Harp, hosted at GitHub Pages. I used Tumblr as the blogging backend, because I was familiar with it, but I found the platform didn’t have the right amount of nerd cred I needed. Syntax highlighting was very tricky to make work correctly, for example.

Now I have switched to Jekyll in GitHub GitLab Pages. After months of tweaking and finally getting my development machine set up the way I like it, I felt I could tackle learning how Jekyll works. (If you’re on the fence about using Jekyll, do it! It’s easy!)

So with that said, welcome to version 2.0 of my website and blog! In the coming weeks, I plan on blogging about lots of topics that have been relevant to a few big projects I’ve tackled over this summer. Be on the lookout for posts on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, virtualization, networking, Python, education, and more!




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